Find A Real Estate Agent

Find A Real Estate Agent

Finding Realtor

MANY PEOPLE SOLICIT THE HELP FROM A REAL ESTATE AGENT to assist them in finding a home that meets their criteria. A professional real estate agent can look for homes that meet your needs and financial circumstances and they can help you in narrowing down your choices. A real estate agent call also help you stay focused on those homes that you can afford. When looking for a real estate professional, as a buyer, you should look for a buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent solely represents your interest as a purchaser. In additional, the seller pays you agent’s fee at the closing, so there is no cost to you.

HOW TO FIND A REAL ESTATE AGENT: Ask your family and friends for a referral. Attend open houses and speak with the agent who is holding the house open. You’ll want to choose an agent who makes you feel comfortable, who can provide the knowledge and services you need, and who will be respectful of your housing budget. Our agents at Loss Realty Group have the experience and knowledge to put you and your family’s needs first. We’ll be there every step of the way.

WHAT SERVICES DO REAL ESTATE AGENTS OFFER: Real estate agents can help you find the type of home you desire, examine comparable properties, and compare different locations and what they have to offer (such as school system). When you are ready to make an offer on a specific home, your agent will handle the negotiations with the seller, including presenting your offer. Your agent can also refer to several different sources for your mortgage. Your lender can then provide you with a pre-approval letter, handle your pre-qualification, and assist you in securing mortgage financing. There is always strength in submitting an offer with your pre-approval letter which shows a seller you are ready and able to perform on a purchase of their home.

QUESTIONS FOR YOUR REALTOR: Before working with a specific agent, you may want to learn more about him or her. You may want to find out if they are a full-time or part-time agent and how may years they have been in the real estate business. You may want to know basic information regarding the company the agent is associated with and ask the agent for some references from satisfied customers – both sellers and buyers. The right realtor can make the home-selling or home-buying process a smooth and stress-free experience. Loss Realty Group prides itself on being associated with these type of professional individuals ready to go to work for you.