Home Buying Do’s and Don’ts

Home Buying “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Home Buying Do’s and Don’ts

DO take the time to analyze the important features you really want in a home and hold on until you find them. If you need an eating area in your next kitchen, be sure you get it in the home you decide to purchase.

DON’T purchase a home that is considerably more expensive than other homes in the neighborhood. The surrounding homes will drag your value down rather than help it appreciate.

DO investigate the quality of the local school system. Whether you have school age children or not, school systems do have a dramatic effect on the value of residential real estate.

DON’T be too quick to purchase a home on a busy street or one that adjoins or is located in close proximity to non-residential structures. The reason that you may be able to purchase one of these at a good price is the same reason that a subsequent buyer will expect a price concession from you.

DO study the layout / floor plan to be sure that it has the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that are normally desired in this price range. Will the traffic pattern be livable on a daily basis.

DON’T purchase a home because of the decor. Does the property also have the features and amenities that you want. You want to look past the decor and notice the important essentials that are permanent features of the home.

DO investigate the ongoing costs of owning this particular home including property taxes and average utility costs. You may be able to purchase the home, but unable to maintain living there over the long run.

DO SEEK THE HELP OF A PROFESSIONAL REALTOR. Contact Loss Realty Group today for all of your real estate needs.