Mary White

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Agent Spotlight

With 16 Years of Real Estate Experience assisting clients in Lucas, Ottawa, Fulton, Williams, Henry, Erie and Wood Counties, Mary White is this Weeks Agent Spotlight. When you’re ready to sell or buy your dream home, give Mary a call to assist you with your needs. Get to know a little bit more about Mary in this weeks spotlight:

Q-What do you like best about working in Real Estate?

A-I love helping people get the home they want. And most especially the look of satisfaction after the hustle & bustle of the process. The Schedule, the staff, the money, knowledge & education. The area and locations of neighborhoods and the pricing.

Q-What would you like your clients to know about you?

A- I try to make myself available ASAP and I try to educate the Buyer or Seller in any area for Real Estate. Most especially where & how to get a Loan to get the process moving. I worked in Banking for years before moving over to Real Estate. I am aware of many Lenders and most especially what type loan is needed for a property. I can help them with the process.

Q-What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the business?

A-Contacting individuals that List For Sale by Owners. This job is a 24 / 7 job. Most people think all we do is show houses. We do but the work that goes into preparing to show, inspections, financing and much more.

Q-What advice would you give someone that is thinking about venturing into Real Estate?

A-It’s a great opportunity to extend your service to others & just the knowledge and education alone is worth it all.

Q-Do you have any advice for First Time Home Buyers?

A- Make yourself aware of any and all information about the house and the business that is necessary.

Q-What’s your favorite part of this area and why?

A-The Old West End and Ottawa Hills. The character & uniqueness of each property is mind boggling.

Q-What do consider the area’s best kept secret?

A-The Islands and all the water that surrounds Toledo and nearby areas.

Q-When you aren’t working, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A-Reading, gardening or traveling.

You can reach Mary for all of your Real Estate buying and selling needs at 419-984-8304 or

Mary White


by Christina Witzel March 10, 2017 0 comments