The Seller/Realtor Partnership

The Seller/Realtor Partnership

The Seller/Realtor Partnership

We need your help! While we will be the first to distinguish the differences in Realtors’ ability, we cannot complete our job without your help. When we list a piece of real estate, we approach this task seriously and as your partner. The following suggestions are based upon our experience from many transactions.

(1) Agents from many real estate firms will wish to show your home at a variety of times. Therefore, it is important that your home always looks its best. Small amounts of money spent on repairs and improvements can make a difference that may result in a sale. Aim to price your home extremely competitively with the competition. An inflated list price will cost you showings and offers, as home buyers (like most buyers) will opt to look at homes priced best first. {Note: In the final analysis, many homes will sell fairly close to the last list price.}

(2) Try to have the home ready to show at all times. Remember, a buyer views their time as most important in this process since they are writing the check. They want to spend their money at their convenience, not the seller’s. Let the Realtor display the yard sign. The job is difficult enough without limiting the exposure. A lockbox makes your life easier, and the other Realtors will gain easier access. Curb appeal is extremely important. Keep your lawn neatly trimmed, edged, and well-watered, and trim any bushes. Fresh mulch goes a long way in improving the appearance of your yard.

(3) Always leave window coverings open in every room, and have lights on when possible in the evening. For evening showings, turn on exterior lights and lights in all rooms and hallways. Lights may be needed in the daytime if you have many trees and dark interior wood. Also, all jewelry, small valuables, etc., should be stored in a safety deposit box or in a locked closet.

(4) If possible, any pets and the owners should be out of the house during the showings, as a buyer is liable to spend more time, look in closets, etc., and feel less like an intruder. Replace any items, such as chandeliers, not included in the sale, or an alternative is to tag the item “to be replace with…” or “does not convey”.

(5) A little pain goes a long way! The front door and exterior trim set the time for the first impression. Apply a fresh coat of paint to any rooms needing it. Keep rooms and closets as clean and clutter-free as possible, and remove excess furniture if necessary so that rooms will look their largest.

(6) Let us know where you can be reached at all times. If you plan to be out of town, please leave me a number where you can be reached. We will expose your home to the two key audiences with our marketing plan of action: the public and the other Realtors. Our marketing program is proven and has been very successful. We are licensed brokers in both Ohio and Michigan, and have been involved in literally thousands of transactions.

Understand that as your marketing coordinator, we may not show your home the most frequently. The most important audience for us to market your home to is the other Realtors. Our job is to generate traffic regardless of which company the Realtor is affiliated with. Our objective is to procure the highest price as soon as possible with the least amount of hassle. With 1,600 area Realtors, chances are another agent from another company will sell your home. Remember, each agent in Toledo has a one in 1,600 chance of selling your property.

(7) Listen to the feedback from the buyers and other Realtors. Their objections should be your main focus. Be open to discussion and possible changes in pricing every thirty (30) days. Even if not noted in our regular feedback reports to you, the fact that your property is not selling is most likely a rejection of your list price by the public and other Realtors.