Working Together To Sell Your Home

Working Together To Sell Your Home

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Working together, we can give your home a competitive edge over the competition. Remember that a prospective buyer for your home is going to look at everything else on the market that resembles the profile of your home. It is comparative shopping carried out to the “nth” degree.

In this market, a well presented, competitively priced property will be shown and sold. A competitively priced home will be shown but, if it is not appealing, it will only draw low offers. Just as an automobile dealer wouldn’t put a car on the showroom floor right off the truck, neither should you put your large investment on the market without a “wash and wax” job. We should critically inspect your home together and agree on what needs to be done to make it “market ready”.

Someone’s law says that the best buyers will want to see your home at the most inopportune times. When hot buyers call me to see a house just as I am leaving for a dinner party, guess what gives? We need to have that kind of “anything for the buyer” mind set from you. Inopportune showings will be less inopportune if you can keep your home in “semi-showable” condition at all times. We understand very well that this is easier said than done, but we both need to do everything we can to maximize your equity and shorten the process.

Finally, please understand that our assignment is not to sell your home, but rather to market it. A major part of our marketing efforts are directed to other Realtors. With 1,300 agents out there, the odds are that other companies will have more showings than we will. If that is happening, we will know that our marketing is effective.

Part of our marketing plan is giving you feedback on market reaction. We need to be able to react to what the market is telling us, what new competition may come on the market, and what your time constraints may be. We need to communicate with each other. Our pledge to you is that we will hold up our end. Working together, we can get this job done, and have you on the way to the rest of your life!